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Simplify organization and processes to accelerate production, improve quality, and control access.
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By relying on templates and snippets rather than building emails from scratch, we can easily cut down production time by 50%.
Katie zeff
Katie Zeff
Lifecycle Marketing Program Manager at MINDBODY

Manage any volume of email campaigns.

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Organize for scale and standardize for consistency.

  • Set up custom folders to store campaigns in a central location, regardless of ESP.
  • Sort emails by campaign type, timeframe, or custom categories.
  • Quickly view the status of any project to keep delivery timeline on schedule.
  • Ensure quality control and brand consistency with customized task lists and reusable, shared assets.
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Secure and control access across every campaign.

  • Assign user permissions from full access to review-only, based on need.
  • Tailor separate, secure Litmus environments to a specific team or client with subaccounts.
  • Enforce advanced security rules, like single sign-on with SAML and two-step verification.
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Cut manual steps to speed up production.

  • Start new campaigns with a single click and set them up for success in a seamless, unified view.
  • Store, collaborate on, and use brand-approved templates and code modules in one centralized location to scale development.
  • Seamlessly transfer your code from Litmus to your ESP with ESP Syncing.
  • Import existing HTML from cloud storage or send directly from your ESP.

Upgrade your coding process and efficiency with Litmus Builder.

  • See instant email previews in 90+ popular clients and devices.
  • Quickly navigate code in grid view.
  • Save time and improve quality with reusable code snippets and partials.
  • Ensure brand integrity with approved templates.
  • Quickly add Email Analytics tracking codes to collect vital campaign insights.
Jesse interview
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Real customers. Real results.

Jesse Blanner, Designer at Meredith Corporation, explains how Litmus provides his team with the tools they need to maximize the ROI from their email marketing efforts and support digital business growth and retention.