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Analyze campaign results to improve future campaigns in email and across marketing channels.
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Litmus gives us the ability to use email meta-data for deeper insights on behavior and enables Samsung to do targeted follow-up, directly.
Coen van der ven
Coen Van der Ven
CRM & Loyalty Specialist at Samsung

Get insights into the engagement metrics that matter most.

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Optimize for even better results with Litmus Email Analytics.

  • Identify your best campaigns to inform segmentation, design, and content decisions
  • Enrich customer profiles with engagement data for better targeting
  • Aggregate individual-level data for more effective account-based marketing
  • Get a holistic view with FTP feeds integrating Litmus data with your existing platforms
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Apply insights to improve marketing effectiveness.

  • Prioritize the most engaging messages and designs in other channels
  • Focus and accelerate marketing campaigns around the highest performing topics, content, and messaging
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Stay up to date on the email industry.

  • Interact with the world’s top email experts in the Litmus Community
  • Be the first to hear about cutting-edge techniques, innovations, and concepts in the Litmus Blog
  • Network with your peers and hear directly from industry leaders at Litmus Live
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Real customers.
Real results.

Lauren Kremer shares how ProQuest relies on Litmus to understand how subscribers interact with their emails—and how these insights inform email strategy and execution.