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Improve email delivery and effectiveness with Litmus pre-send testing.
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Litmus allows us to catch errors more easily and helps us be more aware of how our emails look to our subscribers— insights we did not have before.
Sean kennedy
Sean Kennedy
Product Marketer at Zapier

Set your campaigns up for success with Litmus.

Pre test flow

Checklist accessibility testing

Automate testing with Litmus Checklist.

  • Verify subject line, from name, and preview text for a positive first impression
  • Identify and fix elements that damage performance, like broken links
  • Confirm content is accessible by subscribers of all abilities to maximize reach
  • Ensure clicks are properly tracked to measure results and identify trends
Checklist spam testing

Reach the inbox with Litmus Spam Testing.

  • Test campaigns against every major spam filter before you send
  • Quickly identify potential issues that could prevent your emails from getting delivered
  • Improve deliverability by fixing any problems through hands-on, practical advice
  • Connect your email service provider to Litmus and start a spam test with a single click
Checklist previews

Ensure a great experience with Litmus Email Previews.

  • Preview how emails will look across 90+ apps and devices in just seconds
  • Confirm compatibility in all environments before you send
  • Confidently rely on Litmus’ constant support for updates to email apps and clients
Nout boctor smith interview
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Real customers. Real results.

Nout Boctor-Smith, Email Marketing Manager for a publicly-traded tech company, shares how Litmus speeds up the email coding and testing process—so her team can save time and send better emails, faster.